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EngAGE programs are proven, award-winning and save society money:

  • Savings to society: EngAGE programs reduce by 25% the number of seniors requiring higher levels of care such as ADL and nursing care, representing a $3,000 per month, per person reduction in cost of care for at least 500 residents, causing an annual savings of $18 million. - Century Housing study


  • The National Endowment for the Arts named EngAGE an Exemplary Program for Best Practices in Lifelong Learning, one of only 10 in the nation. - National Endowment for the Arts, Office of AccessAbility


  • Seniors who participate in intensive, participatory arts and lifelong learning programs (like those offered by EngAGE) report improved health, fewer doctor visits and less medication usage. - The Creativity and Aging Study, Gene Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., George Washington University


  • EngAGE had more respondents reporting improved health in the past year as contrasted to Non- EngAGE sites, where more respondents reported worsening health. - From the USC study, Lifestyles of Low-Income Seniors Living in Independent Senior Housing USC study


  • EngAGE won the SAGE Award for Program of the Year from the Building Industry Association



I am very interested in the activities this organization is doing with seniors and enjoyed the opportunity to visit and talk with the staff on a number of occasions about their important work. Since the completion of the Artists Colony I have followed the organization's development in the community and have seen a profound impact on the seniors who live there due to their work. I have known Tim Carpenter, Maureen Kellen-Taylor and their staff for a number of years and have great respect for their work. - Wayne Cook, Arts Program Specialist, California Arts Council.

The Burbank Senior Artists Colony provides a special place where people can come together around their common interests in arts and culture to create a new community. Diverse residents learn, share, and support each other due to the EngAGE program. - Laura Zucker, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

The positive impact on senior citizens due to the programming by EngAGE at Piedmont Senior Apartments and Park Plaza Senior Apartments in North Hollywood, and at the Burbank Senior Artists Colony, cannot be overstated. It has been my pleasure to work with Tim Carpenter and his staff and I have great respect for their passion and professionalism. – Regina Kirschenbaum, Project Manager, Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles.

I have seen a profound impact on the seniors who live in our community due to the work of EngAGE at the Burbank Senior Artists Colony. I have worked with Tim Carpenter and his staff for more than eight years and have the greatest respect for their work and mission.  – Ruth Davidson-Guerra, Assistant Community Development Director for Housing & Redevelopment, City of Burbank

I couldn’t believe that there would be a community of writers and actors and filmmakers and painters that would exist for me at this time of my life.  One of the requirements was that you had to be 55 or older – I think it was the first time I ever met a requirement.  I never thought that I would be able to find something else that’s new inside of me.  You know that same feeling when you got out of school and the whole world was open for you?  Now, all over again, the whole world is open to me and I have no idea what it’s going to bring. - Suzanne Knode, Writer.

As an artist, the advantage of living at the Burbank Senior Artists Colony is it allows us that work with the arts to have a synergistic relationship with each other – the individual artist exposed to this can then create more than when working alone. - Gene Schklair, Sculptor


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